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Category : Volume 4 - Issue 6


Phytochemical composition of wild Sorghum by GC-MS
Dora S. V. V. S. N. || Sarada Mani N || Sharmila Polumahanthi File Size 449 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/4060106
Oral Submucous fibrosis and the role of curcumin in its treatment: A review
Swathi.R File Size 148 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/40607010
Estimation of Phytochemical Components from Cassia Tora and To Study Its Larvicidal Activity.
Ms. Swati Supare || Dr. Mansi Patil File Size 265 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/406011016
A Study of the Prevalence of Cardio-Vascular Diseases and Its Risk Factors (Behavioral, Dietary, Lifestyle and Medical) In the City Of Pune
Dr. Mansi Patil File Size 388 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/406017032
Standardization of Poly Herbal Siddha Medicine Eladhi Chooranam
L.Juliet || S.Sivakumar File Size 343 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/406033037
Oil pulling as an adjunct to scaling and root planing: A Clinico-Microbial study
Dr.Nitin Dani || Dr.Triveni Kale || Dr.Amol Beldar || Dr.Merekhna Raghavan || Dr.Priya Thakkar File Size 455 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/406038044
To Study the Efficacy of Kampillakadi Tail as- Vranaropak In Sadyovrana
1Ahire Ramesh,2Mahajan Kamlesh Shivram File Size 315 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/0406045052
Synthesis of (3-(2-Chloroquinolin-3-yl)Oxiran-2-yl)(Phenyl)Methanone Derivatives and in vitro and in silico Study of Their Various Biological Activities
N Preveena|| Gopalpur Nagendrappa || TH Suresha Kumara|| Amit Kumar Tiwari || MS Chaithanya|| GS Nagananda|| PS Sujan Ganapathy|| Tayur N Guru Row|| Amar A Hosamani|| PR Chethana File Size 1581 KB
Paper Index : 27.6718/0406053076
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